About Us

At The Restore Healthstore and Clinic we offer professional and updated advise with dedicated support for all your family in relation to your health and well-being. Our staff are friendly, welcoming, well informed and discrete.

There is an excellent range of top market brands in all vitamins/minerals, herbal and homeopathic supplements aswell as an extensive base of specialist dietary and organic foods .We also offer weekly promotions, special offers and tastings to help you make easier decisions on your purchases!

To support the service in the healthstore, we have an instore food intolerance testing every Wednesday ( booking required) aswell as a great range of therapies in the clinic including daily lunchtime meditations, kinesiology, massage, reflexology, councelling, pilates, yoga, osteopathy and many more. Come by and let us have the pleasure of ‘restoring the balance back into your health!’