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Why You Should Try Natural Deodorant

Difference Between Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant The main thing to take note of with deodorants – natural or otherwise – is that they are not designed to stop you from sweating; they just kill the bacteria that cause unpleasant odours to develop. Anti-perspirants on the other hand are designed to prevent perspiration altogether by blocking the .. read more

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Our Birthday Celebration & Open Day…. More Info…

10am Lucy Devine –  Guided Spiritual Meditation Patricia Lohan – Tibetan Singing Bowl & Gong Sound Bath & Meditation Fergal O’Daly – Osteopath -Free Spinal Check Nuala O’Halloran – Expressive Art Therapy Tastings in shop with Solgar – Sports Protein Smoothies 11am Sophia Pallaro – Hatha Yoga Class Margaret Loughran – Demo: Nutrional Breakfast Smoothies for Vibrant Health Sandrine Lefebve –  Bio .. read more


Avril – Staff Pick! She has recently had great results recommending Magnesium to a recent customer who was suffering from Depression & Anxiety. After a week the customer felt transformed! Since it’s great for easing stress, and helps the nervous system. It will also ease muscle pains, it can help those who are having sleepless .. read more

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Staff Pick of the Month for November

Her’s our staff pick of the month for November

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