Craniosacral Biodynamic Therapy

Cranio Sacral therapy has been developed by an Osteopath at the beginning of the 20th century. Its name contains the terms Cranium and  Sacrum, the two poles of the spine which form a continuous unit with the membrane system surrounding the brain and the spinal chord. The membranes contain the cerebral spinal fluid which expresses a rhythmical tide like fluctuation in the living organism. This rhythm resonates in the whole body and effects the development and functionality of our life form. In this fluid pulsation our primary life force is expressed which is called primary respiration or breath of life, an impulse which underlies all physiological processes.

This force streams in all living organisms and supports and influences all body functions. It can be palpated and changes within its expression can give important therapeutic clues regarding the effected anatomical and energetic structures. Operations, illnesses, accidents, trauma and emotional shock can affect and disturb the free expression of this subtle rhythm. Through the subtle work with the inner fluid pulsation and its inherent potency through gentle touch the therapist can help the client to reinstate space and mobility in the affected areas. Blocked patterns can be released from the body and cell memory, and the life force centring these  patterns can be released and naturally reconnects to the body’s expression of vitality.

At this stage clients can experience the refreshment of their vitality. Relieving states of deep relaxation and stillness emerge and the body’s self healing capacity can unfold on all levels.

As a treatment method oriented to the whole of the body and its inherent health Cranio-Sacral therapy can also help to maintain a healthy life style by supporting ones health and strengthening ones  resources so  positive changes can manifest in life. My Cranio-Sacral treatments are extremely gentle and sensitive.  I am meeting the individual personalities of my clients with great care and mindfulness.

The treatments are carried out with my clients lying fully dressed  on a comfortable treatment table and last approximately 1 hour. They can happen in  silence or can also be accompanied verbally depending on the need of the moment. The number and frequency of the sessions recommended is oriented on the healing process.

Many forms of sensations can be felt during a cranial session: Pressure changes in the body,  involuntary tissue movements, heat, tingling sensations, changes of emotional tones, tension releases, reconnection to old memories,