The word “homeopathy” means “similar suffering” a homeopathic medicine is given based upon its ability to mimic the disease state, thereby stimulating the body to heal itself. Homeopaths consider the body’s own defense mechanism to be the optimal healing system.
The properly selected homeopathic medicine stimulates these defenses to work more effectively.

The Philosophy of Homeopathy

Humans do not become sick in part, but rather as a whole.  In illness, the body manifests symptoms to demonstrate this mistunement.   An imbalance of the vital force is the origin of the illness.  The symptoms expressed by the body & mind are simply the signposts telling of that imbalance (mistunement).  Homeopathic doctors use such symptoms to select a remedy especially for that person in his illness.  The remedy is a potentized substance also having an energy force.  The energy force of a remedy acts on the vital force.  Once the vital force returns to balance, the person heals himself.