• Decreased oxygen consumption and metabolic rate, thus less strain on the bodies energy resources
  • Increased intensity and frequency of alpha brain waves associated with deep relaxation
  • Reduced blood lactates, blood substances associated with anxiety
  • Significantly decreased blood pressure in hypertensive individuals
  • Reduced heart rate and slower respiration
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Increased blood flow to arms and legs
  • Decreased anxiety, fears, and phobias, and increased positive mental health
  • Improved quality of sleep

Swedish Massage is the most popular type of massage offered by therapists. Swedish massage involves deep pressure and a variety of intensive massage techniques such as kneading, tapping and stroking. Men and women of all ages and physical conditions seek out the benefits of Swedish massage. People rely on Swedish massage therapy to support good health and to manage a variety of health conditions. Swedish massage is used for pain management, to improve circulation and to help individuals recover from injury. It is even used as a form of therapy for anxiety and depression.

Holistic Massage is a form of tissue manipulation which has developed over thousands of years. From ancient China to present-day Europe it has been used for the promotion and restoration of health. It is the use of hands, or mechanical means, to manipulate the soft tissue of the body, particularly muscles. It can be used for relaxation stimulation or rehabilitation of the whole body or part of it. It promotes suppleness of the muscles, improves circulation and and reduces stress. Massage is beneficial to all body systems and is a natural and effective way to treat both physical conditions and psychological problems.


Indian head massage is based on the ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years. It is a relaxing therapy including a massage of the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, face and ears as well as energy balancing. It can provide relief from aches and pains, stress symptoms, insomnia, comfort and rebalance your energy flow which gives you a deep sense of peace, calm and tranquillity.


SPORT massage. As a sportsman or woman your performance counts. Adding sports massage to your workout routine can improve your performance. As the training and playing hours pile up, so do the aches and pains. These little aches and pains can turn into nagging or even more serious injuries. After a strenuous workout or race, sports massage will hasten your recovery and alleviate any pain. You may find that you will benefit from a 30 minute session on a particular problem area, or a longer session for more general maintenance work. Sports massage techniques, when used regularly, can increase the blood flow that is needed for recovery. Additionally, sports massage improves the range of motion and strength of injured muscles and accelerate their healing process. With a full recovery you will be able to increase your workouts and allow your body to adapt to a higher level of stress.