Grainne O’Kane – You Can Heal Your Life Therapist

One of my favourite quotes is Be the Change You want to see in the World Mahatma Gandhi.

I am passionate about helping others to change the way they see themselves & the world.
My change & transition in my life journey began with reading a book The Power is Within You by
Louise L Hay.  It had a huge impact on my life.  Accepting & approving of myself was such a huge
relief from believing that I wasn’t Good Enough.  it was just incredible to realise that I had so many negative thoughts & beliefs about myself. Healing yourself from past hurts is an ongoing venture, there is always more to learn and a deeper level that can be reached.
I love bringing the Heal Your Life workshops to people, it is a wonderful way to really grasp the
principals & to apply them to your life.  You will always meet people on the workshop who will have
a profound impact on your life.  One of the changes I have embraced is to Trust in the flow of life.  So all my work is now done by donation. I want to bring a sense of unity & community to everyone of giving & receiving.  I want to free people from the pressure of having to pay a fixed fee.  So you are free to decide the Value of the workshop to you. So therefore Trusting in yourself is what flows back to you.