Roseleen Mc Nally

 I offer wellnessfinancial solutions to individuals and businesses through reikilight gridsfinancial coaching and life coaching. I also run regular workshops teaching Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master Level and Seichem Master Leveland life coaching courses. I also hold monthly reiki shares for those who are attuned to any level of reiki and from any reiki lineage.  I work with people who are looking to gain clarity, develop focus and reconnect with themselves whether it be on a practical level through life / Financial coaching or on an energetic level through healing with reiki, seichem and magnified healing.

As a Life CoachLight Grids Practitioner and Reiki Master & Teacher as well as a qualified Chartered Accountant, I believe that by looking at the whole package – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves whether it be through Coaching and/or Energy Healing then we can have the ability to face each day with an inner strength, can see the hope of what can be and give ourselves the strength to take the first step forward. We all possess a great power within ourselves but sometimes we just need to tap into it.

Sessions can awaken your connection with yourself through Life CoachingFinancial CoachingLight Grids or Reiki Energy Healing.  The Thirsty Soul is a sanctuary where you can speak freely, gain clarity, feel supported, feel lighter, plan for the present / future and get to know yourself.

My clients say that after working with me they feel more connected to ‘themselves’ i.e. who they are, feel lighter, have more clarity and focus, have more energy, have a more positive outlook, they feel empowered to make decisions and move forward with their lives.

I have also appeared in Stellar and Tatler Magazine, hosted Reiki workshops in Prague and provided seminars to public and private sector companies under their Employee Health & Wellbeing Programmes.

You can visit My Blog where I plan to provide information on financial coaching, Life Coaching and Reiki.