Smoothie MixBoost Your Energy, Mood, Mental Clarity,
Metabolism, Immune System and more.

Instead of measuring out many different superfoods into your smoothie, Superlife have made it easy with their: ALL IN ONE Blend!
This is an unique blend of 8 Organic Raw SuperFoods, in a specific ratio that will give you optimal nutrition and health…genius product. It’s in a powdered form for easy digestion and absorption and contains a large amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein, enzymes and other nutrients which are all in natural plant form. Simply upgrade any shake, add to porridge/ smoothie, or mix into water and drink it just like that.

It’s excellent before and after any form of physical activity, providing long lasting energy and dramatically aiding the recovery of muscle tissue, due to its high protein content. It also helps to curb sugar cravings so a good one for the slimmers too!

1 packet (300 gm) – €18.99